Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear colleagues,

It´s a compliment for me to cordially invite you to the XIII th Congress of the Czech Orthodontic Society that is to be held between 20th and 22nd September, 2012 in the South-East Moravia, in the spa of Luhačovice

This year the invitation was accepted by one of the most famous personalities in the world of orthodontics. Dr.Larry Andrews´ discoveries and inventions have substantially contributed to the modern orthodontics, and show a great impact on the effectiveness of our treatment results. We all apply Dr. Andrews´ principles and inventions in our everyday practice. Dr. Andrews´ Six Keys to Normal (Optimal) Occlusion and his invention of the Straight-Wire Appliance System became the part of 101 Orthodontics. However, in our country the concept of Six Elements of Orofacial Harmony is still less known. This concept corresponds to the development of modern orthodontics which puts the emphasis on the harmony of dentition and facial soft tissues. I am sure that even experts in the ? eld of orthodontics will ? nd the basic assumptions of this concept as well as undemanding and economical, while at the same time clinically very ef? cient diagnostics and logic setting of the treatment objectives very interesting. The Congress workshop and the ? rst day of lectures deal with the topic of Orofacial Harmony.

The second main topic of the Congress is Autotransplantations. However, a hearing on this really interdiscipinary topic would be rightly considered as incomplete without the direct perspective and views from the surgeons who performs those transplants. Therefore, the Congress Organization Committee invited three „duos“ of speakers, including orthodontists and surgeons cooperating with them. And, of course, the audience would not be complete without surgeons. Therefore, the Congress Organization Committee invites our colleagues interested in autotransplanations to summon their surgeons to take part in the second day of the Congress. We offer a special price for surgeons taking part in the second day of the Congress.

After years of a great interest in the section of orthodontic assistants there comes the time to pay more attention to this part of the Congress. With regard to the fact that a number of our assistants organize a lot of logistics of our practices, this year we introduce the topic Orthodontic Practice Management. Two of the leading Czech experts in the ? eld will give lectures on management, marketing, logistics and administration of documentation of a private orthodontic practice. The important topic will be supplemented with short lectures on orthognathic surgery from the viewpoint of our patients, on their psy- chological preparation and the follow-up in an orthodontic surgery.

The Congress Organization Committee responds to repeated requests by dental technicians who called for a practical concept of this section, and prepared a half-day workshop together with an all day course within the framework of which - for the ? rst time in this section – a renowned speaker from abroad will take part. We hope that our colleagues, dental technicians, will enjoy this new approach.

Dear colleagues, For the ? rst time, the XIII th Congress of the Czech Orthodontic Society takes place in the spa, in the pleasant spa colonade of Luhačovice. The pleasant, relaxing and quiet spa atmosphere will be re? ected in the accompanying social events of the Congress with the funny party for assistants, nurses and technicians, and the representative Presidential Reception. We also believe that a lot of Congress participants prolong their stay in the spa of Luhačovice and make use of the varied offer of balneal procedures aimed at treatment and relaxation.

See you in September, in Luhačovice, one of the most picturesque spas of the Czech Republic!

Martin Kotas
Congress President

General Partners